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More than 15 years professional experience working with…

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“I can't recommend Trap Door highly enough. They provided fast, professional, and truly beautiful work for us, despite filming under serious constraints with respect to time, space, and lighting.”
Amy Day, Theatre Writer

“Yeah, I absolutely love that idea, it really draws the viewer into the experience. Perfect for a live capture and such a unique concept too. Really happy.”
- Romare, Musician

“So many beautiful shots and camera movements throughout the entire video. It captures the show so well. Fair play!”
- Ultan O’Brien, Musician

“Siiick! Amazing videography dude! The social media team are asking if they can use it too!”
- Otto, European Tour Manager


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Our specialisms

  • Full show captures (theatre and music)

  • Trailers for show/tour promotion

  • Highlight reels

  • Social media edits

  • Still photography

  • Titles and motion graphics

  • After-show vox pop reactions

  • Cast and crew interviews

  • BTS coverage

Some technicals

  • We use the best 4k 422 10 bit video cameras on the market

  • Multi-cam set ups are our bread and butter (typically 3 cameras)

  • Professional live sound recording synced to video

  • Post production VFX and SFX on request

Give us a shout about your show...

Alex + Simon


0833 222 491

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